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    Tips to being organized and to successfully sell, sell, sell!

  • Clean up that item! You could get twice the amount when it looks presentable
  • Try selling everything. One person's trash is another's treasure
  • Ask your neighbours if they want to do a combined sale
  • Long weekend holidays may decrease sales
  • Remember Customers are Number 1
  • Advertise one to two weeks in advance
  • Do you need packing material for fragile items
  • Plastic bags and boxes available
  • Have a reliable calculator
  • Make sure you have an extension cord available for any electrical equipment you are selling.
  • Keep lots of change and small bills
  • Bundle small items if able
  • Keep the area uncluttered and safe
  • Put hot selling items up front
  • Remember to remove your signage after your sale
  • Make all signage BIG
  • People prefer to buy something that has a price on it
  • Make your area pleasant and inviting
  • Pre-arrange a local charity to pick up left overs
  • Keep pets away
  • Don't hard sale! You want to sell, sell, sell!
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